Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Who doesn't love breakfast ??

Who doesn't love breakfast??  

I am one of the many people in the world who doesn't always eat first thing in the morning .
I know its a baaaaad thing to do . Skipping breakfast isn't the best for you , not that I have done much research on it . But from what I've heard is that it  get your metabolism going. For me being thin and my metabolism having no trouble going . I didn't really pay any mind to this .

But with taking vitamins every morning  and night having something in my stomach when taking them is a must. One day I took them with out eating and it totally made me nauseous .

 This week my go to breakfast has been a few pan fried eggs, toast and a bagel with almond butter and sprinkled roasted flaxseed . Today I did leave out the toast though , I didn't feel that hungry this morning. 

These 2 together are pretty awesome =)

Every morning I have a cup of green tea

 Today I did a drizzle of honey with a little nub of ginger I cut in half and stewed it with the tea bag

Rasin & cinnamon bagel 
After toasting it i take the almond butter and spread it on both slices 

Took roughly 1 tbs of the roasted flaxseed over the almond buttered bagel. 
suggested intake of flaxseed per day 1 1/2 - 2tbs a day.

TADA!! and theres breakfast <3

And of course I cant forget my Vitamins 


going .......

GONE !!! 

Daisy got in on the action of the egg yolk when I turned away hah . sneaky sneaky kitty

Have a GREAT day guys !! 

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