Monday, February 11, 2013

Breakfast is served

Today was a day of mounds and mounds of laundry. Since Jacob was gone all week for work I had put off laundry till he had gotten back . Just so I can knock it all out at once . The only really annoying thing for me about doing laundry is that , we live in a very large apartment complex . ( where are on 2 sides of the street .)
In order to do our laundry you need to load a card with money , which can be annoying because the room with the card machine is the smaller laundry room . Which you have to hike like 10 miles to get to . Tiny bit of exaggeration of course but , a hike non the less . Ive had to make 6 trips to and from our apt to the laundry room. trying to save trips I load our laundry basket (thank goodness it has wheels!) up as much as I could.  This is where I get my work out for my arms , we live on the second story. 

Anywho .  .  . with all the walking going back on forth I was getting hungry having not eatin a thing yet this morning.

Luckily we had gone to Whole foods yesterday (previous post on what we had for breakfast) I remembered to pick up some eggs. I know this isn't completely gluten free, I figured since it was just me this morning I could throw in some toast too. 

Last Thursdays night I had a nail buddy over for a girls night of nail painting and watching FRIENDS.  I had some strawberries left over , they were just about to go bad so I had them with the eggs and toast . 

TADAAAAA! breakfast is served 

 This was yum in my tumm! 

Lastly I had my daily dose of green juice =) 

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Gluten Free breakfast ??

Thats right ! 
So for those who do not follow me on my other social networking sites.... My husband and I have gone gluten free on as much as we can .
I do not have to go gluten free , but in wanting to support my husband with this new diet I wanted to join him . It can be hard to do since its everywhere you turn theres gluten in almost everything . 

So this morning (sunday 2/10/13) we went to Whole Foods to do some shopping .  

I already own a gluten free cook book that I got from
 Barns & Noble,  but it didnt have any breakfast related recipes . So all of last week I had eyed a gluten free cook book at Whole Foods.

We decided to finally pick it up since it had a section for breakfast . 

The book was about $20 at Whole Foods

The Bob's Red Mill line, We were told by someone jacob knows who also is a gluten free eater that its great stuff . 
While we were at the store talking to an employee , a woman next to me said she had been gluten free for about the last 20 years. So she also was giving her recommendations to us.

The recipe called for blueberries buuuut we went with black ;) 
we're rebelling hahah 

The gang

Can't forget the bacon !
I think this is the cleanest and easiest way of cooking the bacon.

The batter smelled yummy ... I zest-ed a whole lemon 

warmed up the pan with a slab of butter 

The batter was a little thick so I had to play with it a little 

Don't they look yummy ?!?

The syrup that we used was also gluten free. 

Finished product =) we each got 3 griddle cakes out of this batch . I of course had to have my green juice to wash it all down with . 

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Game day nails

So as you all know this past Sunday was the biiiiiig game . If you don't know you must be living under a rock .. lol 
But the beginning of the month  Julep sent out an email about a big nail art contest they were holding. So in spirit for the game and the contest I did a game day manicure. 

I did watch the game and was into it with the rest of them . I know most expect the girlies just watch for the half time show . But I along with everyone yelled and screamed at the tv. 

So below are the Polishes that I used for it 

Both these here are Milani polishes. 

Left : FX in GOLD Right : Polish in Signature Gold

For the font of the 49ers logo I used the L.A Colors art brushes  

Background the the font used Butter London and Julep 

Left : BL in Union Jack Black Right : Julep in America 

This was the most time consuming part 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Who doesn't love breakfast ??

Who doesn't love breakfast??  

I am one of the many people in the world who doesn't always eat first thing in the morning .
I know its a baaaaad thing to do . Skipping breakfast isn't the best for you , not that I have done much research on it . But from what I've heard is that it  get your metabolism going. For me being thin and my metabolism having no trouble going . I didn't really pay any mind to this .

But with taking vitamins every morning  and night having something in my stomach when taking them is a must. One day I took them with out eating and it totally made me nauseous .

 This week my go to breakfast has been a few pan fried eggs, toast and a bagel with almond butter and sprinkled roasted flaxseed . Today I did leave out the toast though , I didn't feel that hungry this morning. 

These 2 together are pretty awesome =)

Every morning I have a cup of green tea

 Today I did a drizzle of honey with a little nub of ginger I cut in half and stewed it with the tea bag

Rasin & cinnamon bagel 
After toasting it i take the almond butter and spread it on both slices 

Took roughly 1 tbs of the roasted flaxseed over the almond buttered bagel. 
suggested intake of flaxseed per day 1 1/2 - 2tbs a day.

TADA!! and theres breakfast <3

And of course I cant forget my Vitamins 


going .......

GONE !!! 

Daisy got in on the action of the egg yolk when I turned away hah . sneaky sneaky kitty

Have a GREAT day guys !! 

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