Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY nail polish rack

Hey guys !!! 

Alrighty I have had some girls ask me how I made my nail polish rack , so I figured since Im making a new polish rack for my sister in law that id post it for all to see . =) 
I had originally made my 1st nail polish rack the same way everyone else had done it , using a glue gun , some foam boards and fancy smancy duct tape . Now with that being the fast and cheap route it didn't hold up for too long . A couple of the shelving had fallen off  Id fix them and they'd fall again .... lucky for me none of the polish bottles had any crazy breakage and I didn't get polish all over my floor . Unfortunately for some they were not so lucky in that and got polish on their carpet . So kicking myself for not  going the wood route the 1st time like I had wanted to I did foam board and kinda wasting my time and some money .

But now I am haaaapy as can be with my polish rack and have not had any issues with it  . 

This is my rack hanging right now <3

Below I have photos of the rack I just made for my sister in law . I tried to take photos as I went so that you too can make this polish rack .

I went to a local hardware store near my house which was Home Depo and headed towards the lumbar and came across these hobby boards  when I was making my polish rack . 

I just had the guy there cut them down to the lengths that I wanted . ( double check all the pieces next to  each other and make sure they are all the same before you leave ) 

There were 3 types of hobby wood I went with Poplar because it was the cheapest @ $1.84 a piece . 

What I did here was take some scotch tape and used that to hold the pieces together while I was figuring out the spacing for each shelf . Then I took a pen and marked the side panels for where each self was . 

The glue that I used was Gorilla wood glue ( you  can also find this at the hardware store)

  Make sure any glue that you pick up esspecially the gorilla glue that it says no foam . trust me you don't want that.  hahah 

 What I did here was glue the outside panels together and  used the same pieces of tape that I saved from the test run to hold the panels together . 
 I let that sit over night because I started this after I got off work so it was late , But letting the outside sit with out the inside panels was i think better for later . For when I go to do the shelves I don't have worry about being super careful.  

Again scotch tape to help =)

 After letting it dry a bit I go and add a little more glue now to the sides of the panels for added security.

Using my fingers to smooth out the glue

Double checking the spacing with the tallest polish bottle I  have.

After letting it sit and dry for a couple hours I went out and ran some errands ;-)

 Once the whole thing is good and dry I got some small nails to tack the shelves for another added security to the shelving . 

For a little added touch to my sister in laws polish rack I added her name to the top.

TADA!!!!! painted and completed !

I hope that this was helpfull to you guys annnd if you happen to try this out let me know =) 

have a greaaaaat day !!! 


  1. Wow! That's awesome! My foam rack fell & created a mess too. I want to try this...what sizes did you get for each board?

  2. Congrats! I've nominated you for a Leibster Award! Heres all the information on it:

    Awesome polish rack! <3

  3. What dimensions did you use for the rack for your SIL? I am looking to make a rack smaller than the 24X36 ones everyone is making. Also, did you use any backing on it? Yours seems like the easiest to make out of all the ones I saw so far. Thanks!

    1. Im so sorry I haven't answered your questions till now i could have sworn i had when you commented.

      But the dimension of my sisters in laws polish rack im not 100% sure . i had made it off of the fly , my polish rack i made to fit the wall i had it on so i just measured that to fit the space.
      i did not use a backing on my sister in laws rack , however for mine i did .

      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog !

  4. It's quite impressive....great job...

  5. I have been looking everywhere for a rack this simple! Every one I have seen goes way past what I need. But this is it, the simplicity and awesomeness is exactly what I've been looking for.
    I was just wondering what you used to hang it. Did you add a spot on the back where you could fit a nail and hang it off of, or did you just nail it to the wall?

  6. Do you how much nail polish it hold?

  7. I love this one! Thank you so much, gonna do it!

  8. I lovre it ive just openend my nails studio. I need shelving terterribly.there is noroom for the stands in my room.I need wall placements.

  9. I lovre it ive just openend my nails studio. I need shelving terterribly.there is noroom for the stands in my room.I need wall placements.

  10. I lovre it ive just openend my nails studio. I need shelving terterribly.there is noroom for the stands in my room.I need wall placements.