Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fashion Inspiration

Hey there my lovely nail lovers .... 
Todays post is on a mani that I did last week after I came across a post on a IG fashion account. 
I was at a mani block and couldn't think of what mani I wanted to do next ... 

Staring off on this mani I used an NYC polish in white french tip for the base .
The other polishes used for this mani were :
-China Glaze ( Im not lion) safari collection
-Zoya (Heidi)
-Top coat (Seche Vite)

At 1st I tried taping off where I wanted the triangles to go and then just peel off the tape after painting over them .... Normally that would have worked , but for some reason this day it just wasn't working out. The tape kept lifting in certain areas then the polish would bleed . 

After calming down with all the failed attempts to fix the problems and making them worse I had to regroup and move on to plan b . 
The good ol scotch tape dispenser came to save the day 
 So what I did was I painted the polish onto the tape , giving it time to dry in between coats before applying the next layer.

 Once the polish was COMPLETELY dry I peeled the tape away . 
Then I took some scissors and chopped up the polish strips to little pieces . 

Once I had what I needed I placed them on my nails how I wanted. 
After all the pieces were place all that was left to do was take a nice thick top coat to finish it off. 

So here we have it ! The final look =) 
Thanks so much for stopping by ! 

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