Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stamping Plates : cheap vs expensive

Stamping plates : Salon Express

Hey everyone !! hope you all are having a great weekend! 
So I wanted to do this post to review a stamping kit that I had purchased this weekend. 

Now I already have the original stamping kit that I had started out with. Im sure you all know Konad. Konad can be pricey in the price of one plate. Some can be up to 5-7 dollars just for one plate. I only currently own one image plate by Konad. I also recently purchased the Bundle Monster plates the 200 series. I plan to purchase the 300 series as well when I get the chance. 
So anyhow , I wanted to do this review because I have heard so many mixed reviews on this kit. Some by someone who has never stamped before to someone who owns maaannny plates. Things I was reading and seeing were people saying " It doesn't work ! the plates are cheap" . So I wanted to see for myself if price mattered in the quality of the plates.

Was it just the person using it ? was it because they weren't using "special" polish? 
So over the last 2 weeks or so I have been experimenting with polishes and the plates . I think ill be doing a separate post on the types of polishes and if you need the "special" polish to have the work come out right .  
so below I have some questions and following I will have photos of me using the Salon Express kit .
  • Doest price matter ? 
  • Is it operator error? 
  • Do you need "special polish" ?
  • Is it as easy as it looks?

  • Does the stamper matter ?

The Salon Express kit : I got this one at Big Lots , ive seen them at Walgreens , Ross and I think at Target also. But Big Lots is the cheapest I've seen it sold. The prices range from $6.50-$11.99.

This is what the kit comes with : Stamper, scraper,plate holder 

5 image plates . 

The polish that I used I found at Walmart for under $2.00

 So what I did was I took a scrap paper and painted some black polish and stamped over them so that you could see how it turned out .
I stamped from each plate in this kit to test out if it was just one plate that didn't work or if it was all of them .

By the looks of it to me all the images worked fine for me.

 So my thoughts on this kit .... Its a great starter kit for anyone who wants to try their hands in stamping before they go and spend more money and the bigger packs of plates .

Thumbs up from me =) 

  • Doest price matter ? : I don't think it does
  • Is it operator error? :  you just gotta practice and work with it till you have it down .
  • Do you need "special" polish ? I have Konads "special" polish and I have all my other polishes. In my opinion you do not need the special stuff. 
  • Is it as easy as it looks? I think it is pretty easy . 

  • Does the stamper matter ? Do you have to ruff up the stamper for it to work ? : I don't think that the stamper matters wether it's the Konad one or the cheaper Salon Express one. I haven't ruffed up either of my stampers and it picks up the images just fine. 
My tip with the stamper is when you go to press down on the image make sure you apply really good pressure . Press down on the plate pretty hard . Just to make sure it really picks up the whole image onto the stamper 

I hope you all are doing great !! till next time !! =)

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  1. Agreed, the first few times I tried it I couldn't get the whole image.... I have the konad one btw... It just takes practice and trial and error find out which polishes work Instead of special polish