Monday, February 11, 2013

Breakfast is served

Today was a day of mounds and mounds of laundry. Since Jacob was gone all week for work I had put off laundry till he had gotten back . Just so I can knock it all out at once . The only really annoying thing for me about doing laundry is that , we live in a very large apartment complex . ( where are on 2 sides of the street .)
In order to do our laundry you need to load a card with money , which can be annoying because the room with the card machine is the smaller laundry room . Which you have to hike like 10 miles to get to . Tiny bit of exaggeration of course but , a hike non the less . Ive had to make 6 trips to and from our apt to the laundry room. trying to save trips I load our laundry basket (thank goodness it has wheels!) up as much as I could.  This is where I get my work out for my arms , we live on the second story. 

Anywho .  .  . with all the walking going back on forth I was getting hungry having not eatin a thing yet this morning.

Luckily we had gone to Whole foods yesterday (previous post on what we had for breakfast) I remembered to pick up some eggs. I know this isn't completely gluten free, I figured since it was just me this morning I could throw in some toast too. 

Last Thursdays night I had a nail buddy over for a girls night of nail painting and watching FRIENDS.  I had some strawberries left over , they were just about to go bad so I had them with the eggs and toast . 

TADAAAAA! breakfast is served 

 This was yum in my tumm! 

Lastly I had my daily dose of green juice =) 

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