Saturday, March 16, 2013

HEY ALL !! Thanks for stopping by my blog =) 

So last weekend after seeing a video on how to make french macaroons I was determined to make them! 
Thats the thing with me ... once I get something in my head to make , I won't stop thinking about it till I do it . I don't know why , thats just how I'm wired haha

I knew going into making them that it was going to be tough. Anything I read or watch the person is saying how finicky they can be and that you can screw them up no matter how hard you try to not. 

Anywho . Down below is what we cooked up for dinner and you get to see how my macaroons turned out. <3
Dinner was meat and gluten free ... it was yummers in my tummers . Arugula & quinoa salad 

I did make the french macaroons first so that they could sit off to the side while I started dinner . 

we used a recipe out of our new cook book 
 its one of my favorite books .
We went and purchased this book after viewing the movie . I highly recommend renting the movie!

Mine had bell peppers in it and his had avocado in it . Im allergic to avocados and he's allergic to bell peppers O_o