Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stormy Sparkle

I ended up with this mani yesterday because I had originally tired doing a Christmas design that didn't turn out the way I had envisioned it to.... So I kept it for the day and as soon as I got home from work I took it off. 

SinfulColors : Rain Storm & Nail Junkie

So this is what I ended up with after I stood in front of my polish rack scratching my head thinking what to do what to do .......

I think this has become one of my favorite blues . 

This glitter gave it the little something that I wanted .. with out having to do much before I went to bed. 

<3 hope you all have an amazing day ! thanks for stopping by !! 

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Skull nails

Diamond Skull Sparkle 

I know this is WAAAAAAAAAAY late! I debated even putting this up at all. 
But I figured why the heck not , I really had fun doing this mani for Halloween . 

I used LA colors glitter top coat . The bottle  didn't have a name or number on it

The black polish with fine silver glitter was Sally Hansen Diamond Strength #94

Seche Vite Top coat

For the skull I used a Bundle Monster   plate 

For the eyes of the skull I used 1mm stones from Born Pretty store

I tried to take the photo from different lighting and angles so that you guys can see all the sparkles 

Sorry for the delayed post hahah buttttt I guess better late then never . Have a great weekend everyone! 

Simple DIY make up palette


Hey everyone! I am so stoked about posting this you guys have no idea ! =) I had recently ordered the Z-palette from the Makeup Geek website when I ordered some of their pan shadows. I LOVE it ! I de potted a bunch of my shadows, some NYX ,MAC , ect as soon as I tore the box open. I was so in love with it that I thought about ordering a second one. Then I started to look up DIY Z-pallets and and watched a couple videos. Some were more work then I wanted to put into making one ...

I wanted to keep this DIY project more of a recycled sorta thing, so I looked around our apartment brainstorming and seeing what I could take apart and use. . I was really set on having not have to go back to the craft store .Having already been there to get yarn and duct tape.. 

 I kept looking and looking and couldn't find anything I thought I could use to make my own Z-pallette. Almost giving up my no go to the store I sat in front of our DVD tower bookcase thing . At first I thought OH!! I'll take the dvd inside holder thing out and use that! But further examining the DVD case I noticed it was all one thing . BUuuuUUUmmmer ! Then I noticed shoved at the very top were some old jewel CD/DVD cases. I swear if you could have seen me there was a light bulb above my head that gone off . 

I thought PERFECT ! It's a hard shell it'll be perfect for protecting whatever I was going to put inside . 

What you'll need :
*Jewel CD/DVD cases  (had on hand)
*Magnet sheet (Joann's crafts )
*Duct tape (Joann's crafts  - W/coupon)
*Sharpie (had on hand)
*Eye shadow or blushes 
*Flat iron (had on hand)
*Foil (had on hand)
*Exacto knife or scissors (had on hand)
*Butter knife or tweezers (had on hand)

New Wet n Wild 8 pan palettes 

I got the magnetic sheet for $1.29 

I chose the Zebra pattern duct tape  ($4.99)  and am using tweezers to remove the inside disk holder

Using the tweezers I carefully wedged it in between the inside of the case and the outside 

Wiggling from the center to the corner

Once I poped the one corner I just used my hands to pop the center out

Next I took the ruler an measured the inside of the case 

Then taking the measurements on to the magnet sheet 

This magnet sheet has a sticky backing. I removed the backing and placed it into the case 

Taking the duct tape I started cutting the duct tape pieces to size , over lapping some each time .

Next was de potting the palettes & warming up the flat iron  

Before your iron gets a chance to warm up , place a piece of foil over to protect it . 

Then I placed one side of the palette onto the iron. I let it sit for about 5 - 10 mins . Keeping an eye on it 

Checking the palette to see its ready by pressing down on one side to bend the plastic to put some of the shadows up . They all have a bit of glue under them so they wont just pop all the way out. 

Using some scissors I carefully lifted the shadows out (BE CAREFULL ! the pans will be HOT)

Be veeeeeerrrrry careful 

I took a sharpie and labeled the bottom CZ bc this is from the " Comfort Zone" palette 

Slowly filling up my new palette 

The aftermath 

The back 

The front I just made a border with the tape , I cut the strips of tape in half . 

I had so much fun doing the first one I decided to do my blushes too !! 

Finished palettes 

My new babies in their new homes ! =)

In total the two palettes came out to $6.28 . Don't forget to look for coupons . 

I cant wait to do make more. 
I hope you all enjoyed this post just as much as I did making it and sharing it . 

Please let me know if you end up trying this out . 

My instagram is @Skinnyglam i'll start a hashtag and you can tag my account and hashtag so I can see  =)