Friday, December 7, 2012

Snow fall

Happy December ! Can you believe how crazy fast this year has flown by!?

This was my 1st Christmas mani for this year and I loved how it turned out . 
I used the Bundle Monster plate number 14 ,  I believe this is from their first set of plates.

Milani : Ruby Jewels SinfulColors : Snow Me White

This Milani red has been my absolute favorite red sparkle glitter ever since the hunt for it last year.

I dont think the photos do the red any justice in these pictures.

I wanted to fill in some of the spaces so I used a dotting too to add a little something more to the mani. 

Have a great day !! <3

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Gift of gold

Hey everyone! Hope all is well with you guys!

So yesterday I was wracking my brain trying to think of some sort of cool christmas like nail art . For the life of me I could think of anything. I mean I had all these ideas going thru my head ( didn't help that our neighboring couple were having some kinda blow out fight )  but I just could not figure out what the heck I wanted .
Then I finally just though Pick already ! Gotta leave for work in a bit .

I used China Glaze , LA colors and Milani 

BCC 652 , CG champagne kisses , 707 Blue Print 

I kept this real simple and did glitter tips then using the milani stripper and having that as the "ribbon" across the tips and onto the accent nail with it being the present . 

As simple as this was and me wanting to do something more elaborate I got a bunch of compliments on this mani yesterday . So it made my day a little knowing it wasn't what I really wanted to do ... But a lot of people loved it.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lazy on sunday morniiiiiiiing

So this is a super late post.... I was going thru my photos and came across this batch that I was meaning to post a whilllllle back . Like I said before better late than never =) 
These pictures were taken the weekend of the last day of summer . For some reason the info the camera had says its from 2011 hah I guess we went back in time .

So anyhow , I had left my yarn out and woke up to one of our cats playing with it . 

 What a rough life for this kitty hah 

 While I sat in my area honey buns was preparing something in the smoker for a BBQ we were going to later on that day ... 

I decided id use the coolest mug around to have some tea while I did my nails .

I went simple  with this one. Of all the mani's I have done this was the 1st time I did dots o_O Crazy I say just crazy. 

 I used all sinful Colors for this mani aside from the base color

Soul mate, Unicorn , Mint apple and Snow me white 

 Doesn't that look AMAZING?!?

After all that was said and done with my mani ... I was feeling a little crafty =)
Decided I wanted to make my own coasters .

 Used some scrap booking paper and some tiles

 This cat cracks me up the ways that she lays

So proper hahah

 Finishes coasters

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stormy Sparkle

I ended up with this mani yesterday because I had originally tired doing a Christmas design that didn't turn out the way I had envisioned it to.... So I kept it for the day and as soon as I got home from work I took it off. 

SinfulColors : Rain Storm & Nail Junkie

So this is what I ended up with after I stood in front of my polish rack scratching my head thinking what to do what to do .......

I think this has become one of my favorite blues . 

This glitter gave it the little something that I wanted .. with out having to do much before I went to bed. 

<3 hope you all have an amazing day ! thanks for stopping by !! 

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