Saturday, December 28, 2013

1st OOTD post

 Hey there my loves ! 
Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend ! 

I just wanted to share a quick outfit of the day with you guys . . 
Honey and I were on our way out the door to meet some friends at our new found breakfast place . 
Sooooo good!! Called Mo's.

Some silliness goin on =)
I'm floating in midair.. hah

Leggings : Target
Sweater : Apricot lane 
Shirt : Target boyfriend tee 

The sweater is one of my new favorite loves! My husband was away on a work trip to SoCal a couple weeks ago and picked up this little surprise for me . i LOVE it ! 
It has my name written alllll over it , it is sooooo soft and comfortable! I don't want to take it off . haha

BOOTS : Kathy Jean 
I got the boots on sale from Kathy Jean, so I'm not sure if they would still be available .
These also are my favorite boots! I love them bunches . haha

 Necklace : Chain from Joanns crafts 
Nest : DIY 

Thanks for stopping by ! 
IG : Skinnyglam 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fashion Inspiration

Hey there my lovely nail lovers .... 
Todays post is on a mani that I did last week after I came across a post on a IG fashion account. 
I was at a mani block and couldn't think of what mani I wanted to do next ... 

Staring off on this mani I used an NYC polish in white french tip for the base .
The other polishes used for this mani were :
-China Glaze ( Im not lion) safari collection
-Zoya (Heidi)
-Top coat (Seche Vite)

At 1st I tried taping off where I wanted the triangles to go and then just peel off the tape after painting over them .... Normally that would have worked , but for some reason this day it just wasn't working out. The tape kept lifting in certain areas then the polish would bleed . 

After calming down with all the failed attempts to fix the problems and making them worse I had to regroup and move on to plan b . 
The good ol scotch tape dispenser came to save the day 
 So what I did was I painted the polish onto the tape , giving it time to dry in between coats before applying the next layer.

 Once the polish was COMPLETELY dry I peeled the tape away . 
Then I took some scissors and chopped up the polish strips to little pieces . 

Once I had what I needed I placed them on my nails how I wanted. 
After all the pieces were place all that was left to do was take a nice thick top coat to finish it off. 

So here we have it ! The final look =) 
Thanks so much for stopping by ! 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Light as a feather mani

HEY everyone! 
Hope all is well with you guys .

So this mani that I have today is brought to you by my LOVE for O.P.I  polish from their DS collection.
It is one of my mostest favoritest polishes that I own .

The little rine stones were off of ebay. 

I cant even begin to describe how awesome this polish is ... 
I feel like no photos can do this polish justice .

Isnt this polish AH MAZING ??

For the feathers I used a Bundle monster plate in #BM15



Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hey there!! 
Todays post was inspired by the great Bridget aka luxebeautyforever . I was trying to switch my manis over to more fall like ones and was at a mani block. 
Saw her post on IG and thought I MUST repaint my nails ! 
Of course I had to tell her little ol me was going to be matching her newly painted nails. =) 

 This is what I had done last night and wasn't all that happy with it .
Plus i managed to ding it too which sucked.

 ANNND this was the inspiration by Bridget .

The madness ....

    I had to dig thru my stash to find polishes that were as close as I could get to what she had use.  

This is what I had napping next to me. hahah !!

What I used Lt to Rt :

-essie ( set in stone)
- essie (grow stronger)
China Glaze ( Fairy Dust)

Lt to Rt :
-OPI (give me the 1st dance)
-elf (Flirty Fuchsia)
love hate relationship with Seche Vite top coat 

in some lighting it looks the same and in some it looks like its super pink. but what can ya do right ? 
Work with what ya got . 

She used a jelly polish from China Glaze color in "Shell-O" with "Crown me already"

Thanks for stopping by !!! 
<3 ya 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

HEY ALL !! Thanks for stopping by my blog =) 

So last weekend after seeing a video on how to make french macaroons I was determined to make them! 
Thats the thing with me ... once I get something in my head to make , I won't stop thinking about it till I do it . I don't know why , thats just how I'm wired haha

I knew going into making them that it was going to be tough. Anything I read or watch the person is saying how finicky they can be and that you can screw them up no matter how hard you try to not. 

Anywho . Down below is what we cooked up for dinner and you get to see how my macaroons turned out. <3
Dinner was meat and gluten free ... it was yummers in my tummers . Arugula & quinoa salad 

I did make the french macaroons first so that they could sit off to the side while I started dinner . 

we used a recipe out of our new cook book 
 its one of my favorite books .
We went and purchased this book after viewing the movie . I highly recommend renting the movie!

Mine had bell peppers in it and his had avocado in it . Im allergic to avocados and he's allergic to bell peppers O_o