Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just another made up holiday ;)

Hey everyone!! It is so gorgeous out today my goodness, cant believe it was raining a few days ago. 
I hope everyone one else is experiencing this great weather other places too . 

So I know I am a little late on posting this but I realllllly wanted to get it up , this past valentines day my husband and I stayed in . Since we both had to work and were too tired to go out after work . 
I decided since I got home before him that I would make us dinner. Better that than spending a couple hundred out at some fancy restaurant . 

Now here we go ... Welcome to Restaurant A La Thomas haha!! 

  I took some cilantro and shaved off the leaves with my knife into the bowl . 

 Took some sun dried tomatoes that were already cut added it to the cilantro ( time saver )

Rinsed the asparagus and cut into about 2" lengths 

I heated up a pan to med-high heat with some extra virgin olive oil , pan fried them real quick to bring out that green color . I didn't cook these fully left them with a little bite. 
Then I set them aside on a plate . ( if you leave them in the pan they will continue to cook )

Threw on a pot of water seasoned a little with kosher salt. cooked till just al dente .

While the pasta was cooking I took the mozzarella and sliced them up. (saving the marinade) Then I also slice up a small roma tomato and added it to the bowl with the cilantro . 

Once the pasta was cooked I threw the drained pasta over top of all the waiting ingredients in the bowl (what ever you do,  do NOT rinse the pasta !! big no no . )
Next I tossed everything around , cooked up some bacon in the microwave and crumpled it up in to the mix.  

Then this is where that marinade I saved comes in , pour that into the bowl and another toss.

  There you have it !!

Whats dinner without something sweet after  ?!?

So for our something sweet I made us Pannacotta.

took some cream and milk brought them to a simmer. 

Chopped up some chocolate

bloomed some gelatine

1 cup of nutella 

 Took the simmered milk and cream added vanila , chopped chocolate and nutella

I was too impatient to wait for it to cool to room temp on its own , so I gave it a ice bath. 

poured the mix into wine glassed let them chill for a few hrs tilted 

chopped up some chocolate covered pomagranate seeds and sprinkled them on top. 

<3 <3 LoVe too CoOk

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