Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Get in my belly ! !

So some of what is going to be below are some of the dinners I have made for my husband and I (with some friends on one night)

Below isn't so much dinner but a few things that I picked up at the asian market while I was there getting some things for dinner . I enjoyed these thing when I was little , yes they are all asian related obviously coming from an asian market hah. but for those of you who don't know,  I am half vietnamese also. 

 So moving on hah .  For almost a week I was craving egg rolls and wanted to make them again from scratch , but this time with the right wrappers (dont use the ones from the grocery store too thick! ). So my husband and I ventured to the asian market one sunday afternoon. 
After a little chopping and sauteing and more chopping and sauteing . . . the filling was ready to go after cooling down . 


So each package of egg roll wrappers come in a pack of 25 , so I planted myself at our dining room table and camped out and watched some tv. after rolling and rolling ... i was finally done !

My 2nd most favorite kitchen gadget ..... The deep fryer!

Load them up!! 

bubble bubble bubble . . . 

tada !! all nice and crunch !!

Then a few nights later we both had worked late and wanted it to be an easy night for dinner . Nothing crazy with a whole lotta prep. So I went and picked up some tots a can of chili , sour cream , cheese and green onions . prepared the tots in the oven , warmed up the chili on the stove . Threw it all together and PRESTO !! dinner is served haha 

Then moving on to something with a little more work 
Two nights ago I wanted to try something new that I came across , so off to the store I sent my husband =)

We learned that we didn't need to do exactly what the recipe had said to do and use 2 puff pastry sheets for a chicken breast . 1 is PLENTY . 

 FINALLY broke out one of our wedding gift !!
marble rolling pin had been in its box since august. hah

Since the chicken breasts we got were too small to stuff we put two together with the filling (cream cheese, bacon, diced onions, salt pepper and parsley) in the middle 

salt and peppered the top chicken breast

folded one side over

 then folded the other side over ( trim a little bit of the excess dough to avoid soggy dough if you're using 2 sheets )

flip the whole thing over like so

made an egg wash 

and brushes the whole thing with the wash

we baked them for about 45 min at 350 

so nice and golden !! 

And there you have it cut into it and see the yummy juices run out. 
Served with a little mash potato , sprinkle of parsley and a dollop of sour cream =)

Happy eating ! <3

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