Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Recent haul

So I just want to start off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

Can you believe its a whole new year?? what happened to 2011 ??
Only good things to come right ? fresh new start clean slate !

Anywho.. I just wanted to share some new things I have gotten over the last few weeks and recent haul at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target . 

So I did a mini spa day at the house this past weekend ... Nice hot bubble bath newly painted toes w/a little sparkle and a green tea mask . Made it so hard to think I was going to have to peel myself out of bed and go to work before the sun came up . . .  I haven't had a chance to use all that I got this weekend so im going to have to save it for another day away from workin both my jobs . 

So here we have Playin' footsie it comes with a few things inside to help you out with your pedi .
Theres a inflatable foot tub , feet soak , nail file , clippers, toe seperaters , wood sticks
then to the right some cuticle sofener/remover
and to the left we have peppermint feet salt . 

last but not least from bed bath we have some fruit peel off masks 
-Crushed raspberry & mango 
- Pulped Pomegranate 

Cant wait to put some use to all this awesome stuff. 

So thats my mini haul from Bed Bath & Beyond then next I went to Target  and got a couple things 

1st is the Elf classic shadow palette normally $10 and is on clearance 

Then I also got some new brushes a large powder brush and a smudge brush both by Sonia Kashuk.

I had seen these in Target before but didn't know much about them so I didn't want to buy them . I wanted to get a new set of brushes because the ones the I started out with now have seen their days and I think its time to invest in some great brushes. I REALLYY want to try out Sigma brushes . But those are a bit pricey buuuut from all the reviews I have read and watched they are worth the investment . 

I was watching a youtube video one day by DulceCandy87 who also has a fashion blog, website and twitter . In one of her videos she had mentioned these brushes (along with the elf palette) and thought maybe ill give them a try . I love all the other things she has mentioned in her video hauls. 

heres is the lnk to her site if you want to check her out

annnywho I have to scidaddle so I hope you all have a great day and new year . 


Ill try to do another post on the palette and brushes when I use them =)

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