Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cheeseeeyy goodness

So its been one heck of a weekend for me having to do a couple over nighters at one of my jobs I spent my entire saturday in the hospital in waiting rooms and beinging poked and prodded at .... as soon as I left the hospital I had to go to the 2nd over nighter wake up and go to my 2nd job .
By the time I FINALLLLY got to go home I felt like it was forever since I had been home and get to sleep in my own bed with my husband and kitties . So I wanted to keep dinner simple so that I didn't have a big mess to clean up after . 
I found this on a search for dinners to plan out our week menu and came across a recipe for 
Bloomin Onion Bread . I'll try to find it and link it for you guys. So here we go !

We didn't end up doing anything with the meat and potatoes we decided to save that for another night. 

 I sliced the sour dough bread length wise w/out cutting all the was thru then turned it and went the other way 

took slices of montery jack cheese and stuffed that bread silly 

used some kitchen scissors and snipped some green onions
melted some butter then combined them with some poppy seeds 

 placed the bread on some foil drizzled the butter and onion mixture 
covered and baked 

 look at the hills of yummyness hahah 

now THATS some cheeesy goodness ! 

<3 <3 LoVe To CoOk !

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