Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lazy on sunday morniiiiiiiing

So this is a super late post.... I was going thru my photos and came across this batch that I was meaning to post a whilllllle back . Like I said before better late than never =) 
These pictures were taken the weekend of the last day of summer . For some reason the info the camera had says its from 2011 hah I guess we went back in time .

So anyhow , I had left my yarn out and woke up to one of our cats playing with it . 

 What a rough life for this kitty hah 

 While I sat in my area honey buns was preparing something in the smoker for a BBQ we were going to later on that day ... 

I decided id use the coolest mug around to have some tea while I did my nails .

I went simple  with this one. Of all the mani's I have done this was the 1st time I did dots o_O Crazy I say just crazy. 

 I used all sinful Colors for this mani aside from the base color

Soul mate, Unicorn , Mint apple and Snow me white 

 Doesn't that look AMAZING?!?

After all that was said and done with my mani ... I was feeling a little crafty =)
Decided I wanted to make my own coasters .

 Used some scrap booking paper and some tiles

 This cat cracks me up the ways that she lays

So proper hahah

 Finishes coasters

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