Sunday, May 13, 2012

Really really thin pancakes =)

Hey all !!! Hope all is well with you guys ! 
So one day I was flipping thru a food network magazine and saw a recipe for Crepes and thought id give it a go . It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. One weekend my sister in law stayed over so the next morning I got up and made us breakfast. I was thinking it Taladega was going to be a disaster and I was going to need my husband to take over . hah
BUT all was well =)
So down below are photos I tried to take as I made the really really thin pancakes haha! 
I can't help but think Talladega Nights when I say that. 
I believed I doubled the recipe .


4 eggs 

Some milk

little sugar

pinch of salt

big ol wisk 

slab of butter 


Nice cold batter . I refrigerated it for about an hr or so 

1/4 cup of batter 

little swirl action 

loosen the edges 

 watchin for the bubbles

TADAAAA!! not to shabby for my 1st one. 

The spread 


Honey showing me how its done  hah =)


Happy eating <3

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